Dox a Doxxer Day

October 4th, 2015

I suggest we introduce a new holiday to our calendar. I call it “Dox a Doxxer Day”. Now you may be asking, “What does it mean to dox and what is a doxxer?” To put it plainly, a doxxer is a person who goes out of their way to completely destroy somebody’s life. They find as much personal information they can about a person and release that information against them. They do this to their victims to try to gather up angry mobs against them, try to make them lose their jobs, try to make them lose their homes, and in most respects, try to make them lose their entire lives. Does anyone deserve this kind of treatment? Sure – if they’re a rapist, murderer, child molestor, animal abuser, or Madoff-level embezzler.

The problem with nearly all cases of doxxing is this – almost never is the target a horrible criminal who has earned anything close to this. Do you want to know what the most common crime is for which doxxing is the reaction? Disagreeing with someone else’s opinion. That’s right; in this PC culture where we have to be tolerant of everything and everyone (except for those people and things the PC police oppose), simply voicing your opinion is a bad enough offense to earn you a life destroying act of retribution.

Most doxxers are young assholes with egos the size of Jupiter and IQs lower than their shoe size. Most, but not all, fall into the group that is sometimes referred to as social justice warriors, or sjws for short. I hate social justice warriors, but what I hate even more is the title. Though it’s a pejorative name meant in jest, it’s just too complimentary. Social injustice warrior is much more like it. These are the brainwashed young people who preach love, tolerance, and acceptance. If you love, tolerate, or accept anything they dislike, they’ll be foaming at the mouth and on the attack.

Social justice warriors seldom if ever actually do anything to help anyone. They’ll preach at you until they’re blue in the face and they’ll also go out and wave around a sign every now and then. When push comes to shove, they ¬†don’t actually do anything to support the causes or people they claim to act on behalf of. Instead, they just sit around marinating in self-satisfaction and trying to make life hell for anyone who dares to disagree with them. At the end of the day, they just want to be seen and heard and then revered to being so progressive. They tend to care very little about the actual causes they ineffectually stump for.

Tumblr is full of SJWs which is one of the many reasons why I hated temporarily being on there. Tumblr and Reddit are the places where you’ll most frequently find these self-contradicting bigots. Those are also the two biggest sources where doxxing gets most of its fuel. Of course not everyone who uses these sites engages in doxxing. Both sites¬†have many users who are great people who come up with informative, entertaining and engaging content. They’ve also generated great acts of charity, so doxxers and SJWs in no way represent these online communities as a whole. However, the fact remains that these are two of the biggest sources of this problem. When some bratty kid (or overgrown kid who refuses to mature) with too much time on their hands reads something that runs counter to what they’ve had pounded into their empty heads, they don’t respond with tolerance. They don’t respond with understanding. They don’t agree to disagree. They go for blood.

Doxxers are basically terrorists who are too cowardly to handle actual weapons. They dream of a society where only they and their ilk are allowed to express their opinions and make their own choices. They feel that everyone else had better do exactly what they say and think exactly how they think or there will be hell to pay. They wish to use intimidation and unimaginable cruelty to silence anyone who isn’t exactly like them. Despite promoting diversity, diversity is probably the thing they hate more than most anything else. They wish for a dystopian utopia where they dominate and anyone who differs from them in any way will only be found in prisons. Their bigotry knows no bounds and they are the garbage in humanity’s soul.

This is why I propose the idea of Dox a Doxxer Day. If you know anyone who’s used doxxing to unjustly attempt to or succeed at destroying someone, give them a taste of their own medicine. Give out their address, work address, phone number, e-mail address and anything else you can think of. Let them see how it feels to be engulfed by angry mobs, have their jobs and homes put into jeopardy, and handle a massive public shaming. The only difference between what they’ll face and what they’ve caused is that they’ve actually earned the punishment.

Let’s work together to make every day Dox a Doxxer Day.

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