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An Ode to Bacon

June 20th, 2012

bacon bouquet

When I am down, my spirit shaken

I can always turn to the comfort of bacon

So crispy, so hot, so perfect and nice

I’ll extol your virtues much more than thrice

Bacon is God's greatest gift

Pink and white, in the package you sit

Until fried up for a scrumptious hit

With eggs, a burger, pizza or alone

Or even on top of an ice cream cone

You’re a thing of beauty, with style and class

Always there for me when I fail to get ass

You lift me from a blackened mood

You’re heaven-sent, my favorite food

This is better than pornIn the worst of times, the most infernal

The joy you bring me springs eternal

The sight, the smell, the grease, the crunch

Perfect at breakfast, dinner or lunch

Your splendor health nazis do not deserve

Though it would throw them for a curve

You are my joy – my life – my pride

You are my anti-suicide

Each night I pray that there will come the days

When everyone will sing your praise

The only sandwich worth eating


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